Teacher Transportation

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Raised: $1,100 / $5,760
Campaign Duration: 235 Days

Afghanistan faces a severe shortage of female teachers. For a girl in a rural village where conservative attitudes are high, the absence of a well-educated female teacher can crush her chances of going to school and continue on to higher education. Typically, Afghan families are most comfortable with their daughters attending class with a female teacher, and many families will keep their daughters at home if the only option is a male teacher. Our organization operates a Teacher Training Center aimed at educating young women to become teachers in rural areas.

This project enables 60 girls to travel to the Teacher Training Center for one month, six days a week from their rural villages. Upon graduation, the girls return to their rural village home and teach in the village’s school, educating girls and meeting the cultural standards that require girls to be taught by females. This will dramatically improve girls’ opportunities economically, socially and provides an avenue to continue on to higher education. Without female teachers, the doors close to education for girls.

A well built, functioning school provides a healthy and safe environment for a community’s children, and a place where they learn the skills they need to become productive and peaceful adults. Many school buildings have been constructed in Afghanistan in recent years. But a building alone does not make a school. To be successful, it must be supplied, have qualified teachers, be fully supported by its community, and become fully sustained by its community. That’s our long-term goal.