“What does International Women’s Day mean to me?” Sahar Staff answers!

International Women’s Day means something different to each person. That’s what makes it a unique day – there are multiple ways to engage and celebrate it! For this year’s International Women’s day we decided to ask Sahar Staff: “What does International Women’s day mean to you?” Read their perspectives below!

Mahsheed Mahjor, Afghan Fellow: 
“International Women’s Day is a celebration of courageous and bold past and current actions towards equity. International Women’s Day is also a reminder that it is pivotal that everyone realize and recognize that without women and their equal participation, peaceful and equitable families, societies, nations and world will not be possible. And that is the very reason for all of our work in Afghanistan!”

Ginna Brelsford, Executive Director: 
“IWD is a day that creates time and space to honor generations of pioneers who stood up and said, “Girls matter. Women matter.” This is especially important to our work in Afghanistan where those voices are routinely silenced. Sahar provides access to education which in turn boldly celebrates Afghan girls’ voices reverberating around the globe.”

Catherine Gelband, Board President: 
“To me International Women’s Day is a celebration of possibilities. Girls represent a powerful force for change. There is so much potential that we can unleash.”

Qxhna Titcomb, Operations and Campaign Manager:
“International Women’s Day means celebrating all those that have come before me that have courageously pushed for equal rights for women – whether those are small steps of bravery like the girls that Sahar serves facing insecurity as they walk to and from school every day or larger displays of progress like the opening of Sahar’s Gawhar Khatoon High School in 2015. And it’s taking that sentiment, holding it dear, and working harder to push so that future generations of women all over the world reap the benefits of even more progress.”



*** Photo of 6th grade graduates from Sahar’s Early Marriage Prevention Program.

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