Coding Program

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Raised: $11,079 / $20,000
Campaign Duration: 476 Days

In Afghanistan, the overall literacy rate of women is only 17%. In some provinces, the rate drops to under 2%. It is therefore not surprising that women’s participation in the labor force has only reached 19% in 2016, despite a steadily rising employment rate since 2001. While there are many factors that influence these rates, the strongest one is education. Lack of access to education and opportunities for continued education disproportionately affects girls and women. More preparation for and opportunities to enter the workforce are needed for women.

The objective of the coding project is to provide 20 Afghan girls with the opportunity to enhance their digital literacy. This program will equip them with marketable skills and will increase their future employment opportunities. By investing in this coding project, we are investing in empowering Afghan girls to dream of a future where they can be financially independent. The project outcomes include training Afghan girls in coding, equipping them to join the tech workforce, and empowering them to determine their future.