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My partnership with Sahar started in 2013 when I was offered the job as structural engineer and construction advisor for the Gohar Khatoon Girls School Project, a school building designed with a new technique for the first time in Afghanistan. The Gohar Khatoon school design is different from the conventional school design done by the Afghan Ministry of Education (MOE) and is based on the sustainability concept that considers the social, economical and environmental parameters in design of the buildings. With this uniqueness, Gohar Khatoon has the potential significantly impact school design in Afghanistan.

Over the past two and half years working with the professional team of SAHAR and other partners including the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington, and Lead Architect Robert Hull was a privilege for me. Furthermore my involvement with this project helped me find my future career direction in “Sustainable Engineering” to first pursue a master level studies and then work in this valuable field in my country, Afghanistan.

Solaiman received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Pune University in India. He currently has his own enterprise providing construction consultations. Solaiman serves on the Board of Herat Builders Association. He has over 5 years of professional experience with national and international organizations in planning, designing and executing of infrastructure projects in different parts of the country. He has also participated in academic, social and professional workshops and conferences in and out of the country. He holds a diploma in Leadership from the Institute for Leadership Development (ILD) Herat under Morning Star Foundation. In addition to his professional career, Solaiman has participated in many volunteer activities with organizations that focus on the environment, poverty alleviation, education and economic empowerment.

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