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We are excited to announce the publication of the Sahar 2020 Impact Report. We’ve accomplished a lot since our inception as an organization and we are thrilled to be able to continue doing valuable work for and with girls in Afghanistan. The last year has been another fantastic period of growth and achievement, as we have focused on evaluating our existing projects to understand what truly works best as well as seeking to expand our reach even further.

We hope that you’ll enjoying learning more about our programs and what we have accomplished. Our goal is to portray the progress we are making and the hope we have for the future.

Of course, none of our work would be possible without the generous Sahar supporters who contribute vital funding, expertise, pro bono services and mentoring support. Thank you for helping us take another step towards a world where Afghan girls have equal access to education.

If you would like to read a copy of our impact report please email: [email protected]

You can change the life of a girl and her community.

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