Afghan Program Leadership

Local Staffing

Sahar partners with the Afghanistan American Friendship Foundation (AAFF) in Northern Afghanistan. Our capital projects and programs are staffed locally in Afghanistan. As part of our partnership, Sahar provides leadership training, capacity building and especially supports AAFF women leaders to become important liaisons for girls and women’s access to education, implement our early marriage prevention initiative and gather impact stories for our work together.

Relationship with Afghan Ministry of Education (MoE)

Sahar and AAFF work with the Afghan Ministry of Education through protocols for our work, regular meetings to update the government on our programs and building projects and then establishing protocols for turning our programs over the government for maintenance. This is especially true for our capital projects.

Leadership Development

Sahar works closely with AAFF to provide opportunities for internships in Afghanistan as part of leadership development. We are always looking for ways to provide more opportunities for growth and integration in the communities where we serve.