Panel Discussion: New Academic Year Under the Taliban rule: Millions of Girls Out of School

March 21st marked the start of a new academic year in Afghanistan. The Taliban have yet again, kept millions of girls out of school. Sahar Education is hosting an informative panel discussion on April 19th at 5:30 PM PST, to shed light on another academic year with no girls in secondary and higher education.

Join us by registering through this link , and be a part of the conversation on how we can break down these barriers and empower girls to pursue their dreams.


Hiring Operations & Finance Manager

Sahar is seeking a self-motivated, highly organized, and talented Operations & Finance Manager.

The overall purpose of the Operations and Finance Manager is to provide Sahar with the ability to deliver best in class programs for children in Afghanistan. This position is responsible for operational and financial support to the Executive Director and assumes a majority of day-to-day administrative and operational responsibilities, including database management, special events planning and coordination, donor engagement, communications, and marketing. 

Application Process

  1. A resume indicating your name, degree, year of
    graduation, name of university, previous work experience, including previous service work or study abroad and any professional expertise you might offer. 
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Writing Sample (1-3 Pages) 
  4. Letter of recommendation by former faculty or academic administrator

Applicants are requested to send their complete application to [email protected] by April 20, 2023. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis; after the application is reviewed, a virtual interview will follow. 


Welcome to our new Executive Director

After an extensive search, the Board is thrilled that Meetra Alokozay will join us as Executive Director on March 14th.  As a passionate advocate for social justice and gender equality, Meetra has worked with non-profit organizations, focusing on youth and women empowerment through education in Afghanistan and in the United States.  Her experiences with diverse communities have enabled Meetra to build a rapport with a number of grassroot organizations. Meetra will take advantage of her network in the education arena in Afghanistan to lead Sahar’s next chapter.

“Having lived and worked in Afghanistan for most of my life, I recognize the importance of the work Sahar is doing in helping improve girls’ lives in Afghanistan. My lived experiences as an Afghan woman, and background with American Councils for International Education in Afghanistan has led to an in-depth understanding of the educational needs of Afghan women and girls and the social and cultural barriers around it.” –Meetra Alokozay

Meetra earned her master’s degree in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies from Loyola University Chicago through the Fulbright program in May 2020. She has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration with a minor in Law from the American University of Afghanistan.


Program Update March 2022

Education is a fundamental human right; however, it is well known that since the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, education has once again been taken away from millions of Afghan girls. Currently girls are only allowed to participate in education through age 12, but we know that many girls under 12 are no longer pursuing education out of fear for their safety and the lack of teachers. 

Sahar is also aware of the dangers that are associated with any United States-based organizations working in Afghanistan (and their grassroots partners). This is why Sahar is working collaboratively with grassroots organizations based in Afghanistan and equipping them with evidence-informed curricula, project management, training, and support to help advance their efforts across the country. We are currently supporting the operations of two mobile schools that serve nearly 500 children who are members of a nomadic tribe who have not had access to education prior to this effort.  Founded by a remarkable young Afghan woman, these schools are teaching basic literacy skills to girls and boys of all ages.  


Sahar’s Response to the Current Crisis in Afghanistan

The news from Afghanistan is devastating. All of Afghanistan is now out of the control of the government and in the hands of the Taliban, including Kabul. President Ghani has fled to Tajikistan with his advisors. Our Afghan staff is safe, but their situation remains extremely difficult due to their affiliation with Sahar and our work. We are taking every measure we can to protect and support them and their families. 

It is hard not to feel grief as the Taliban returns, but we must remain in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, especially the girls and women. They remain the future of the country. We are reminded of the secret schools that mothers across Afghanistan ran during the Taliban.  Perhaps we have educated the next generation of these teachers. 

Over 250,000 girls attended the schools we helped to support. Every day we showed our belief in them and their futures. Even in difficult times, the power that comes from educating a girl is not erased. They will have daughters and sons who will hear their lessons and learn from their experiences. 

Right now, the voices of many Afghan women are muted for security and safety. They will emerge again. Now, it is our voices that need to be heard supporting all Afghans, especially the women and girls in Afghanistan. We urge you to speak up for their protection and show your solidarity.

Websites of NGOs around the globe are being scrubbed and images and names have been taken to protect staff and girls. They cannot be visible so we must be. Post your messages in support of Afghanistan with the #IStandWithAfghanGirls and #IstandwithAfghans. Contact your representatives and demand that the U.S. expand its visa programs to allow NGO workers and supporters to apply for visas while they are trapped in Afghanistan. Cite Canada as an example of a country that is providing adequate support to Afghan refugees. 

Sahar believes in the future of Afghanistan and its people and we must support them now in every way possible. We have taken down our social media accounts to protect the women and girls we have served. Please visit our website to learn how you can help. We will update our landing page with organizations and resources aiding Afghanistan. Thank you for standing with us in support of Afghanistan and girls education.


Our response to recent security developments in Afghanistan

Together in 2001, we began our journey to provide access to education for Afghan girls and boys. Since then, with your generous support, we have witnessed incredible strides in girls’ lives through education. The literacy rate for Afghan youth aged 15–24 has substantially increased and now stands at 65% (UNESCO, 2020). In Afghanistan, Sahar has built a trusted relationship with the Ministries of Education and Economy, who view us as a vital partner supporting their critical educational systems. 

Considering the recent increase in security concerns across Afghanistan, we have made the difficult decision to pause program operations and the construction of our boarding school until September 12, 2021. We will continue to employ and support our Afghan staff during this time. The safety of our staff is our priority. It is our hope that we will be able to resume operations in the fall. 

Sahar’s Board of Directors and staff remain committed to continuing to support girls in Afghanistan. Sahar’s decision to stay in Afghanistan is a testament to our trust and ongoing partnership with our team on the ground and our shared commitment to girls’ education.

As members of our community, donors, and champions of girls’ education, we ask you to join us and continue your commitment to the education of Afghan girls during these challenging times.  

You can change the life of a girl and her community.

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