Our New Name

We are delighted to announce a new name for our organization. Ayni Education International is now Sahar. Sahar means dawn in Dari, the most common language spoken in Northern Afghanistan. Our leadership team and our Afghan advisors all agree – this is a new day for girls in Afghanistan. Sahar will continue to provide education for Afghan girls – building schools, creating computer centers, and supporting teacher training – while also seeking opportunities to rise up to the challenges always present when great change is undertaken.

Thank You!

We raised over $60,000 including the generous match provided by the Sahar board of directors at our Fall Event on Thursday evening, November 20th. 145 guests joined us at The Foundry for an informative and celebratory evening. Thank you.







The featured speaker will be war correspondent and poet Eliza Griswold — published in The New York Times, The New Yorker and other media outlets. For more on Eliza, check out her website or her recent New York Times article on U.S. Special Forces in Africa and the roots of extremism.

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Educating girls yields spectacular social benefits for the current generation and those to come. An educated girl tends to marry later and have healthier children. The children she does have will be more likely to survive; they will be better nourished and better educated. She will be more productive at home and better paid in the workplace. She will be better able to protect herself against abuse and to assume a more active role in social, economic and political decision-making throughout her life.

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