The Board Speaks Up 

Have you ever wondered what drives our board members to give their time and energy to Sahar? Take a look at these videos to get an insiders view into how Sahar’s mission came about and the inspiration behind why some of our board members are involved with Sahar.

click here to watch the videos


Grant Awards

Sahar is pleased to announce that we have been selected to receive two new grants this week. The first was from Washington Women’s Foundation for $15,000 and the second is from GivingTogether with Seattle International Foundation and Seattle Foundation. Both of these awards will help Sahar’s pilot initiative on preventing early marriage.IMG_9609urlSF_4C_Logo_Tagurl


Architectural Record 

Gawhar Khatoon continues to make waves for its remarkable design and sustainable approach. We are delighted to be featured in the recent Architectural Record, In Focus: A sustainable campus in Afghanistan raises the bar for women’s education.

check out the article hereGawhar Khatoon classroom.


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