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When girls are educated, communities are stronger, safer, healthier and more affluent. An educated girl can change the world—but right now too many aren’t getting the chance they deserve to reach their full potential. After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, girls all over the country are banned from secondary education. Many girls in Afghanistan were already far behind in their access to education due to years of Taliban rule, stigma against girls’ education, the lack of available facilities and early marriage or motherhood keeping girls from school. 

Learn more about the work Sahar has done in Afghanistan to allow more girls to go to school. Learn about the alternative ways SAHAR uses to create learning and empowering spaces for girls and women under the current difficult circumstances. Read about our methods to repair schools that are no longer viable, and to build schools in communities that need them, pioneering the use of sustainable design for buildings in Afghanistan. Hear from the girls and women in our English and computers classes, literacy and sewing programs and women’s empowerment and health workshops . And explore the unique methods we’re using to prevent early marriage to keep more Afghan girls in school, longer.

Equal Education Opportunities

Sahar provides equal education opportunities for girls and women in Afghanistan. Over the past 21 years, SAHAR has built and repaired schools specifically for Afghan girls to address the substantial under-representation of girls among the students flooding the Afghanistan education system.

As access to girls’ education in Afghanistan becomes more challenging after the Taliban takeover of the country in August of 2021 and the ban on girls secondary education, SAHAR remains committed to finding alternative ways to educate girls and women. Sahar partners with grassroots and in-country organizations in Afghanistan to provide safe spaces for women and girls to come together and learn. SAHAR equips the in-country partners with funds, program development, evidence-informed curricula, project management, training, and support to help advance their efforts of educating girls and women across the country.

Improving Literacy

In addition to building and repairing schools, Sahar is committed to literacy classes for girls and women who were unable to attend school during the first Taliban rule and were not given the chance to return once schools re-opened. In communities where the literacy rate for women continues to be low, Sahar runs programs that focus on literacy and vocational training.

Afghan Girls School Attendance

No recent stats available

Ministry of Education Partnership

Pre-Taliban, Sahar partnered with the Afghanistan Ministry of Education (MOE) to improve girls’ access to education. This included but was not limited to protocols with the MOE that governed our building programs, digital literacy programs and prevention of early marriage pilot programs.

Sahar also worked with the Ministry of Higher Education to increase the number of female teachers by supporting a teacher training center in rural Northern Afghanistan. In each circumstance, this approach ensured continuity in program delivery and required mutual involvement on the part of the Ministry and Sahar. Our building projects were turned over to the MOE to operate upon completion.

SAHAR is actively working with in-country partners that have established working relationships with the current ministry of education to resume our digital literacy classes at the teacher training center and public high schools in Mazar-i-Sharif.

You can change the life of a girl and her community.

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You can change the life of a girl and her community.

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