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In March 2023, the ban on girls’ education in Afghanistan was extended indefinitely. Girls and women are now banned from learning past grade 6. Compounding this issue is the limited access to computer courses in remote areas and for economically disadvantaged students, making it challenging for them to receive basic computer skills training. The traditional views on women and girls’ education further exacerbate the problem, restricting their access to such courses due to safety concerns.

Our program bridges the digital gap in Afghanistan by empowering women to learn and practice computer skills. We provide IT and coding courses, blending theoretical and practical lessons for hands-on experience. Courses run for three to six months and cover computer basics, MS Office, and website building. Our initiative enables girls to develop a solid foundation in these skills, preparing them for future careers. By supporting us, you’re helping girls acquire essential skills for their future.

Girls in this program also study the women’s empowerment curriculum which includes feminine hygiene, mental health, family planning, conflict resolution, childhood marriage prevention, confidence building, and other important topics that help students become more aware of their rights and place in a healthy society.

The impact of this project on the social and economic development of Afghanistan is significant. By removing gender barriers that have historically limited opportunities for girls, we are empowering them to actively participate in the digital economy and contribute to the development of their communities and country. Not only will this project have a direct effect on the girls who participate, but it will also create a ripple effect on their families, communities, and future generations.

Round 1 of this program began in April 2023 and 214 girls graduated from the course. The second round has begun February 5th with 90 students and will educate 150 students over the course of 6 months.

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