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More Afghan Girls in Schools

Afghan girls and their families are demanding greater access to education in their worn-torn country. After the removal of the first Taliban rule, millions of children had entered the school system—many for the first time. Girls were still substantially under-represented among the students flooding the Afghanistan education system. Unfortunately, after the Taliban takeover, girls are once again deprived of secondary education increasing the existing large gaps. Sahar continues to work to close those gaps and get more girls in education programs..

Improving Afghan School Capacity

One of the largest problems facing Afghan students is the lack of schools. In Mazar city center, where we concentrate our work, thousands of children attend schools built for just a few hundred students. For girls, there aren’t enough high schools. Many of the girls who began school in 2002 (Post-Taliban) started at the first-grade level. The Afghan Ministry of Education can’t keep up with demand. Sahar-funded projects help meet this need.

Training Teachers

Training teachers, especially women, is an integral part of providing access to education for all girls in Afghanistan.The Afghan teacher training centers funded and managed by Sahar have taught several hundred rural teachers the fundamentals of teaching. We’ve focused specifically on training teachers at rural girls’ schools, where it is most difficult for girls to get to school.

Improving Digital Literacy

Sahar’s Digital Literacy Program opens doors to higher education and job skills through technology for girls in Afghanistan. Sahar provides the only computer lab for public elementary or high school girls in the areas where we work. Today, Sahar operates three computer centers in several of our schools in rural and urban areas, serving 1,500 girls each year.

25 Schools
Built, Repaired, and/ore Supplied

Over 23,000
Sahar Girls Served Annually

Over 250,000
Sahar-educated Girls Total

Our Programs

Access to Education

Sahar builds and remodels schools to get more girls in classrooms. Learn more.

Inspiring School Design

Sahar designs school buildings that deliver dignity, improve health and well-being, and have the greatest positive impact in the communities we serve. Learn more.

Digital Literacy

Sahar’s Computer Literacy Program is opening doors to higher education and job skills through technology for girls in Afghanistan. Learn more.

Teacher Training

Sahar trains teachers, especially women, as an integral part of providing access to education for all girls in Afghanistan. Learn more.

Early Marriage Prevention

While more girls are entering high school in Afghanistan, early marriage prevents many girls from graduating. Sahar is working to break down that barrier and help girls pursue their educational goals. Learn more.

Men as Partners in Change

In order to move forward towards achieving better health and education outcomes, we must work together, allying with men and creating communities that recognize the value of both genders.

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