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Our School Buildings Deliver Dignity and Health to our Communities

Sahar designed school buildings that deliver dignity, improve health and well-being, and have the greatest positive impact in the communities we serve. Our team included academics, architects, school leaders, and communities to leverage the construction process to maximize economic, educational, and environmental outcomes.

The Sahar Building Assessment Process

When a Sahar-built school was completed, we tracked the impact of a sustainable design on the girls’ lives including community building, sports programs, art in schools programs, and contributions to local economies through job creation. The impact evaluation also considered ongoing government participation in the management of the school once construction was completed.

Key questions our team addressed include:
  • How can we design the best possible school with the most community and government support for girls to learn in?
  • How can we create jobs and source materials in the local Afghan community?
  • How can we build capacity within our construction crews to build sustainable development concepts?
  • How can we include the girls in the design process?

These questions helped inform our work to design for impact, providing not just another building, but an inspirational setting for growth.

Sahar: Commitment to Education

From 2001 to 2021, Sahar provided access to education in Afghanistan, supported an educated future for Afghan girls, and built, supplied, and supported schools for Afghan children.

Due to the current Taliban rules, girls have been banned from education above 6th grade and Sahar has halted the building of new schools. We have redirected our focus on educating those girls in Afghanistan whose futures have been impacted by the recent ban.

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