Access to Education

Providing access to education for all students is absolutely essential to the safety and stability of the future of Afghanistan. Sahar’s commitment to expanding access to education for all children in Afghanistan gives the entire population a more hopeful future.

Exclusion from education disproportionately affects the most poor and vulnerable children. Without hope and opportunity, these children are more likely to be exploited or recruited by terrorist organizations.

Edward Carwardine, UNICEF Spokesman


Sahar provides equal education opportunities for girls and women in Afghanistan. Since the removal of the Taliban from power in 2001, millions of children have entered the school system—many for the first time. One-third of these students are girls. Though women are again allowed to teach and even be principals of schools, girls are still substantially under-represented among the students flooding the Afghanistan education system. Sahar builds and repairs schools specifically for Afghan girls to address this need. 


In addition to building and repairing schools, Sahar is committed to literacy classes for girls and women who were unable to attend school during Taliban rule and were not given the chance to return once schools re-opened. In communities where the literacy rate for women continues to be low, Sahar runs programs that focus on literacy and vocational training.

Afghan Girls School Attendance

Just 46% attend primary school

Only 21% attend secondary school

Source: UNICEF

Ministry of Education Partnership

Sahar partners with the Afghanistan Ministry of Education (MOE) to improve girls access to education. This includes but is not limited to protocols with the MOE that govern our building programs, digital literacy programs and prevention of early marriage pilot program.

Sahar also works with the Ministry of Higher Education to increase the number female teachers by supporting a teacher training center in rural Northern Afghanistan. In each circumstance, this approach ensures continuity in program delivery and requires mutual involvement on the part of the Ministry and Sahar. Our building projects are turned over to the MOE to operate upon completion.

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