2023 Programs

Stealth Sisters

Empowering Afghan Girls in English, IT, and Women’s Empowerment

Our Stealth Sisters learn English, computer literacy and women's empowerment!

Since August 2021, the Taliban banned education for girls above 6th grade in Afghanistan. This put a stop to school projects in the region led by Sahar. Instead of giving up on the girls of the region, we have embraced new ways of working with local teachers and organizations to improve equity for girls in Afghanistan through secret programs in partnership with local schools.

Girls in the Stealth Sisters program work in an established school and learn important skills.

Our Sealth Sisters Program addresses vital skills for Afghan girls; including English, IT, and a focused approach around gender roles, health, and wellness within their communities. These courses are conducted in secret, with local schools, and serve girls who would not be able to attend school due to age restrictions by the Taliban.

This program currently serves 20 girls at a time, preparing the students for future opportunities by addressing many of the barriers to continued education. Girls in this program can go on to teach other girls in their communities, continue learning online, and even work, improving their future stability!

Underground TechSheroes

Afghan Girls Leading the IT Revolution

Group instruction is vital to the success of our Underground TechSheroes program.

Our program bridges the digital gap in Afghanistan by empowering women to learn and practice computer skills. We provide IT and coding courses, blending theoretical and practical lessons for hands-on experience. Courses run for three to six months and cover computer basics, MS Office, and website building. Our initiative enables girls to develop a solid foundation in these skills, preparing them for future careers. By supporting us, you’re helping girls acquire essential skills for their future.

The Underground TechSheroes program also incorporates women’s empowerment and health workshops which help girls build a solid foundation, tackle societal expectations, and gain self-confidence.

Girls in our Underground TechSheroes program take a test

The impact of this project on the social and economic development of Afghanistan is significant. By removing gender barriers that have historically limited opportunities for girls, we are empowering them to actively participate in the digital economy and contribute to the development of their communities and country. Not only will this project have a direct effect on the girls who participate, but it will also create a ripple effect on their families, communities, and future generations.

Currently, the Underground TechSheroes Program serves over 100 girls and women between 14 and 25 years of age during each 3 to 6-month program. We provide all training and financial support for teachers who run these secret courses from their homes. These inspiring young women and teachers are actively working to undo the damage of Taliban rule on themselves and their communities.

Threads of Hope

Literacy & Sewing Classes for Women

This successful program is coming back in 2023! Threads of Hope is a literacy and sewing project designed for underprivileged and economically disadvantaged girls and women aged 18-40 who have not had the opportunity to get formal education. The program provides participants with free-of-cost literacy, and sewing skills classes.

Additionally, we are integrating Sahar Education’s Women’s Empowerment and Health Workshops in the literacy class to educate participants about important topics such as mental health, early marriage prevention, and planned parenthood, and support them in their journey of self-empowerment.  

Besides learning how to read and write, the program aims to provide participants with the opportunity to gain skills that will lead them to

become financially independent. Additionally, the program provides women with a safe space to come together and form a sense of community and belonging.

Sahar is excited to share more information on this program soon!

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