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Breaking News: The Taliban have shuttered learning centers in Kabul claiming enrollment of girls above 6th grade.

Reports have shared that multiple centers were blockaded, stopping students from attending on April 1st.

Officials of Kabul’s educational institutions have been warned by the Taliban of severe consequences should they persist in their educational endeavors.

In a recent development, the Taliban’s Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice issued directives to educational center administrators, instructing them to prohibit entry for girls wearing veils deemed to have “non-dark colors.”

These actions unfold against the backdrop of the Taliban’s recent consolidation of power in Afghanistan, marked by their decree prohibiting female students beyond the sixth grade from accessing schools and pursuing higher education at universities.

Observers interpret these moves as part of the Taliban’s broader agenda to systematically marginalize women and girls within Afghan society, through sustained coercion and restriction of their participation in public life.

Hasht e Subh Daily

This comes as another blow to the hopes of Afghan children who only want to learn. The freedom to education is a basic human right being denied to millions across Afghanistan. This number is expected to grow as the Taliban carries out plans to close more Kabul learning centers.

“This clearly shows the Taliban aren’t planning to lift bans on girls’ education and public spaces, which pushes women out of society. This systematic elimination of women is a form of gender apartheid and should be acknowledged as such.”

Meetra Alokozay, Executive Director of Sahar Education

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