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Girls’ Education Matters This October!

October is an exciting month for Sahar Education and you can be a part of the progress we are making to improve the lives of girls and their communities in Afghanistan! 

This month, the Men as Partners in Change program began its second round! This revolutionary approach to educating men to be advocates for gender equality. Graduates of this program will understand why women’s rights are integral to the recovery of their communities and how to be advocates for change.

The program began with 2 classes of 20 high school boys who are eager to learn how they can contribute to healthy and thriving communities. Sahar has planned 3 rounds over a year which will serve and educate 120 students. 

Watch the video to hear how this program impacted past students.

Upcoming Events

A Night in Afghanistan

Less than 50 tickets left! 

Join Sahar Education at Structure Cellars in Seattle, WA to celebrate the ongoing success of programs that educate and empower girls in Afghanistan. With the Taliban takeover in 2021, many nonprofits left the region or shifted their focus to men and younger children. Sahar chose another path. They doubled down on educating and empowering girls and women, providing secret courses for those who refuse to accept the Taliban’s orders. 

Girls in Sahar programs learn English, IT, Coding, and women’s empowerment, and gain the confidence to stand up for their beliefs. This October 25th, you can join Sahar in celebrating the resilience of Afghan women at the A Night In Afghanistan benefit for Sahar Education. 

The benefit is a 2-hour event with Afghan food, music, tea, henna, and inspirational speakers. An auction will be held featuring Afghan textiles, art, and local specialties. Hear from Executive Director, Meetra Alokozay, Award Winning Women’s Rights activist, Shogofa Amini, and keynote speaker, Shkula Zadran, former Afghan Youth Representative to the United Nations. The evening promises to educate and wow attendees who can enjoy a cultural celebration while supporting the bravery and resilience of Afghan girls. Catering is provided by Afghan Hawasana Catering. 

100% of the $100 min donation during the event supports life-changing programs for Afghan women. Donations over $250 receive 100% matching from a generous sponsor. 

Safer World Fund Matching Campaign with Global Giving

September 11th through January 1st, 2024

Donate to Sahar Education in September through the Safer World Campaign and your contribution will go 50% further! Donations up to $1000 per individual will be matched through January 1st, 2024. 

To participate in this campaign, bookmark one of the two listed projects today! 

Defy the Taliban, Coding Classes for Afghan Girls

Empower an Afghan Girl to Find Her Voice

Over $40,000 in matching funds are available for projects included in the Safer World Fund this year! Sahar is one of 9 organizations selected to fundraise during this campaign. 

Program Updates

184 Girls Study IT & Coding

Students like Yalda have learned vital computer skills in the Underground TechSheroes program and built confidence in themselves that can never be taken away.

“My awareness increased. Before, my level of awareness was low. In the women’s health program, I learned things that I had never heard of before. Before, I could not speak in front of many people in a group, but here I can speak very easily or give a seminar and easily say what I want to say in front of many people. Every day that I participated in this program, my courage increased. Overall, this program was very good for me. I was depressed before I came here. I am not used to staying at home. Because I went to school and courses every day. I felt very bad when all the places were closed for us girls. This course gave me hope. I participated in the women’s health and empowerment workshop; I was inspired and it was pleasant for me. I learned that I should be a strong woman. Thanks to those who launched this program. I hope that this program will continue for other Afghan girls.”

Donate now, through GlobalGiving, and your donation will qualify for 50% matching! Help Sahar reach even more girls!

Get to Know Afghanistan

Artlords is known for evocative murals on blast walls throughout Kabul. However, since the Taliban took over Afghanistan 2 years ago, they are no longer creating art and changing minds inside the country. Instead, they are working to spread awareness around the world of the struggles of the Afghan people.

ArtLords is to promote the message of peace in Afghanistan through the expressivity of the arts and culture. It wished to portray a visual representation of the communities’ desire to move from war towards peace. Creating a relationship between people and art, by bringing art to the people, allows for a much-needed psychological shift that opens up people’s minds to new prospects. The use of art opens up space for ‘emotions without affiliation’. It stimulates critical thought and helps people understand that war is a commonly shared experience and that only a common effort, coming from within society, can bring about peace in Afghanistan, South Asia, and the Middle East.

Artlords website

Earlier this year, Artlords were featured at Jashin: A Celebration of Afghan Arts by the Seattle Opera. Now, they are sponsoring Sahar with a generous donation of artwork previously displayed in the Kabul gallery to be auctioned during the A Night In Afghanistan Benefit.

You can change the life of a girl and her community.

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