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Support girls’ education through Sahar and make an investment in greater global stability. Sahar approaches girls’ education from multiple levels – taking a holistic approach to create real change.

The Sahar model works. Proof is showcased in our recent Gawhar Khatoon Girls’ School project in Mazar-i-Sharif. This project brought jobs to a poverty-stricken community, elevated skills of craftsmanship for the local builders, introduced sustainable building to the area and increased access to education for all the girls in the community. This community engagement model ensures all involved stand to benefit from our schools and programs ensuring greater buy-in and ongoing support. Additionally,

  • Our Teacher Training Programs open real job opportunities for women in rural areas of Afghanistan, and open the doors of education for girls in places that otherwise might not be educated at all. 
  • Our Early Marriage Prevention Program educates whole communities about the long-term economic opportunity that comes with educated girls, encourages girls to know their rights about the legal age to marry, and works within cultural frameworks to ensure families are off to a good start in Afghanistan.
  • Our Computer Literacy Program opens the world of technology and the Internet to girls in Afghanistan. These girls go on to use these skills as they pursue employment and higher education, lifting up their families and communities with greater earning opportunities and more open, creative ways of thinking.

Your donations can make a real difference. We know that when a girl is educated, she can literally change the world.

You can change the life of a girl and her community.

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