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Our 2020-2021 Impact Report!

We are thrilled to announce the publication of the Sahar 2020-2021 Impact Report! We all have a role to play in gender equality, and since our inception in 2001, Sahar staff, supporters, and volunteers have been dedicated to the empowerment of girls, their families, and communities through education. The last year has been another fantastic period of growth and achievement, as we evaluated our existing projects and added a revolutionary Men as Partners in Change Program, to understand what truly works best as well as seeking to expand our reach even further.

Sahar is committed to continue our work in Afghanistan, despite the uncertainty of the times. Our work on the ground continues to be led by Afghan women and responsive to the needs of the community. We hope that you’ll enjoy learning more about our programs and what we have accomplished. Our goal is to portray the progress we are making and the hope we have for the future.

Of course, none of our work would be possible without the generous Sahar supporters who contribute vital funding, expertise, pro bono services and mentoring support. Thank you for helping us take another step towards a world where Afghan girls have equal access to education.


Blog News Sahar Resources

Welcome Sapida, Sahar’s Newest Afghan Fellow!

Sahar Welcomes Sapida as the 2019-2020 Sahar Afghan Fellow!

Sapida graduated from Montclair State University in May 2019 with a double major in Political Science and Law and Jurisprudence and a minor in Public Administration. She was awarded the Dean’s List and has done two independent research projects under her department faculty supervision. 

Sapida visited her family every summer during her bachelor’s degree. In the summers of 2016 and 2018, she worked with Sahar in Afghanistan. She has worked on the Early Marriage Prevention Program, Teacher Training Center, and Digital Literacy Classes. She is aware of the issues women and children face in the city and rural areas.

Sapida likes photography, hiking, whitewater rafting, dancing, and reading in her free time. She also likes to volunteer in her community for social causes and in development projects. She is an advocate of women and children’s rights and devotes her time to it.

Blog News Sahar Resources

Education as the Counterbalance to War and Despair

Education as the Counterbalance to War and Despair: by Executive Director Ginna Brelsford and Afghan Fellow Shogofa Amini

You’ve no doubt heard and read about the US negotiations with the Taliban and wondered how, if at all, Sahar’s programs in Afghanistan are affected. The immediate answer is not at all. Our all Afghan team continues to do an incredible job working in our programs.

We are not naive about the challenges ahead. If and when the US troops depart, we have a talented Afghan team that will stay and continue our programs. Our strength is our Afghan staff. They are committed to Sahar’s goals and are here to stay.

Our team believes that the Afghan people are eager to learn and take responsibility in their communities. After serving over 250,000 girls in Afghanistan over 18 years, Sahar has restored the paths to education that the Taliban stole. This new generation of women is educated about their rights and deserves to take these ideas into the future.

If Afghanistan is to have a future of peace and prosperity, women must be included in peace and policy making. This can only happen if women are educated. We will continue to work with community and religious leaders, girls in school, teachers, and parents to heal decades of emotional trauma. We educate girls about their rights and communities about the value of girls and educated and empowered women.

Sahar is in Afghanistan to stay. Our next step to expand education throughout Afghan communities is to build the first ever all-girls public boarding school in Afghanistan. The boarding school will provide opportunities for rural girls who have limited access to education, girls who have to study under tents in extreme weather conditions and who become discouraged because of these conditions. Our new boarding school will allow disadvantaged girls to grow academically and build their leadership skills in a beautiful, safe, and encouraging environment.

We must give girls opportunity today for they are the leaders of the future of Afghanistan. Sahar knows this firsthand from educating 23,000 girls every year. Ask yourself: what is your hope for girls of Afghanistan and what can you do to contribute to that hopeful vision?

Join Sahar in continuing to educate Afghan girls. Donate today.

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P.S. $1 US Dollar has 50 times the value in Afghanistan.

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