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A Night In Afghanistan

Benefit For Sahar Education

Join Sahar Education in celebrating the resilience of Afghan women! Enjoy an evening of Afghan music, hors d’oeuvres, wine, and henna. Speakers Meetra Alokozay, Shogofa Amini, and a special guest (TBA) will share the experience of Afghan women living under the Taliban and how Sahar programs provide hope when all seems bleak! 

100% of donations made during the event will support life-changing programs for Afghan women and girls—contributions of $250 and above are eligible for 100% matching from a generous benefactor. 

Register today to ensure your ticket to this intimate and immersive experience! Not sure you can attend in person? Virtual tickets are also available!

We look forward to seeing you on October 25th!

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Two Years of Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan

Education: A Fragile Promise

Education has long been a cornerstone of empowerment for women around the world. Under the Taliban’s previous rule, girls were largely barred from attending schools, denying them opportunities to learn and grow. In recent years, there have been promises of change, with the Taliban suggesting that girls’ education would be allowed within the boundaries of Islamic principles.

However, the implementation has been far from uniform. Throughout the country, girls above grade 6 are banned from attending school. Reports suggest that while some regions have seen a limited return of younger girls to classrooms, many others still struggle with barriers. The lack of qualified female teachers, limited school infrastructure, and lingering concerns about the Taliban’s commitment to long-term educational empowerment all contribute to the uncertain educational landscape for Afghan girls.

In A CBS report, August 1st, 2023 the degrading conditions of Afghan women were mentioned in addition to other human rights violations.

Since retaking the country, the Taliban has barred girls over the age of 12 from formal education, made it virtually impossible for them to work in most professions, and restricted their movements in public unless chaperoned by an adult male relative.

The most recent crackdown was a ban on beauty salons, which the clerics ordered to close countrywide last month, eliminating one of the last means Afghan women had of interacting and earning income.

Despite two years of consistent demands from the U.S., the United Nations, and many other countries, the Taliban has not made any concessions to improve human rights in Afghanistan, despite the country continuing to receive billions of dollars in aid annually.’

CBS Report August 1st, 2023

It is the experience of Sahar that the women of Afghanistan are driven to better themselves and their country, despite barriers. The girls in our programs are breaking strict edicts against education and even have to conceal their true purpose for attending sessions. There are risks to learning in Afghanistan, but for the girls in our programs, the possibility of a brighter future is worth the danger.

Women's Empowerment curriculum is included in all Sahar programs!

Social Fabric and Women’s Roles

The last two years have seen shifts in social dynamics, affecting women’s roles and freedoms. The Taliban has indicated that women can work, but closing many places of business for women, restricting travel without male accompaniment and other actions make working unrealistic for most women. Many women have been forced out of jobs due to restrictions, and in some cases, they have been limited to roles within the confines of their homes.

The social fabric that once included women as active contributors to various sectors has been strained. Afghan women who were once teachers, doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs find themselves unable to serve their communities and families. Bans on women working for NGOs have led to many organizations leaving the region and those who stayed report they are 75% less effective without women. 

The Afghan economy collapsed after August 2021, as millions of people lost salaries when the US, World Bank, and other donors stripped the Central Bank of Afghanistan of its foreign assets and access to financial assistance. Over 90 percent of the Afghan population faces serious food insecurity, along with a lack of medicine and a rise in malnutrition-related diseases. The Taliban’s actions blocking women from working in humanitarian assistance exacerbated the crisis.’

Afghanistan Country Page, World Human Rights Watch

Mental Health: Silent Struggles

Amid the changes and uncertainties, the mental well-being of Afghan women and girls has taken a toll. The repressive environment under previous Taliban rule has left psychological scars on many, and the current situation exacerbates those wounds. Many girls and women report feelings of hopelessness under the current regime. Sahar hears directly from those most affected, who have been banned from education and face uncertain futures. Our programs work to improve stigma about mental health and give these girls the one thing they need most, hope. 

For many women throughout the country, the limited avenues for seeking mental health support only compound these issues. The stigma surrounding mental health and a lack of accessible resources prevent many from seeking help, leaving their struggles unaddressed and often invisible.

Global Solidarity and Hope

Girls in the Underground TechSheroes course form community despite strict bans from the Taliban.

While the situation for Afghan women and girls appears challenging, there remains a glimmer of hope. The international community, humanitarian organizations, and local activists continue to advocate for the rights and well-being of Afghan women. Efforts to provide education, support mental health, and empower women economically are ongoing, though they face considerable obstacles.

Despite the continued threat of violence for dissent, 60 women protested the ban on beauty salons on July 26th. Per the AP,

Dozens of Afghan women protested a beauty salon ban on Wednesday after the Taliban ordered their closure nationwide. Security forces used firehoses, stun guns, and shot their guns into the air to break up the protest.

“We are here for justice,” said one protester who identified herself as Farzana. “We want work, food, and freedom.”’

AP NEWS, Afghan Women Protesting Beauty Salon Ban

One thing that remains true amid continued pressure from the Taliban, women and girls are not giving up. Those girls enrolled in Sahar’s programs use the opportunity to change their futures. Even more girls and women are suffering throughout Afghanistan and in need of a ray of hope.

Each day, Sahar programs serve hundreds of girls throughout the country, but there are millions unable to access education, living shrouded by hopelessness. As we work to expand our underground programs, we must acknowledge that though we cannot help every girl, the impact we have on the lives of those in our programs is immense. 

Girls graduate the IT portion of the Underground TechSheroes program this July!

As we reflect on the challenges facing Afghan women, it is essential to stand in solidarity, amplify their voices, and work collectively to ensure that their rights and aspirations are recognized and upheld on both national and international stages.

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Education Improves Equity for Afghan Girls

Currently, 19.4 million women and girls (49.5% of Afghanistan’s population) in Afghanistan are banned from pursuing education, working outside, traveling, and attending public places. The fall of the government in Afghanistan in August 2021 shifted the trajectory for millions of girls in Afghanistan. 

A student taking a test in our Underground TechSheroes program.

When the Taliban took over the government in Afghanistan in 1996, they immediately targeted women’s rights by banning universities for women, forcing them to quit their jobs, restricting access to healthcare for women, setting a brutal dress code, and limiting their ability to move freely in the city. These rules not only resulted in a generation of illiterate women in Afghanistan, but also an increase in forced marriages, child marriages, and domestic violence. In fact, many families sent their daughters to countries like Pakistan and Iran to protect them.

After the Taliban were replaced with a US-backed government in 2001, Afghan women made incredible advancements in different areas including a 27% share in parliament and being part of the Afghan military and police. Despite the advancements, Afghan women still lagged behind Afghan men as more work was needed to attain gender equality. With the Taliban returning to power in 2021, Afghan women went two decades back in the span of one day. 

Making progress is difficult for a country when it is deprived of the contribution of half of its society. When girls are educated, they are less likely to be exploited, abused, face discrimination, go through child marriages, and die in childbirth. Education empowers girls to make their own decisions, raise better-nourished children, contribute to the economy, invest in their community, be active politically, and change the world.

Students practice coding skills in our Underground TechSheroes program

As a nonprofit organization, Sahar Education believes in the power of education for girls and works to empower Afghan women through programs such as Stealth Sisters- English, IT, Women’s Empowerment, Underground TechSheroes- IT & Coding, and Threads of Hope- sewing. These not only help girls and women learn essential skills but prepare them for life-changing opportunities, becoming financially independent individuals and sources of change in their communities.

Please join Sahar in supporting education for all Afghan women and girls as a means of improving the trajectory of the country and the future of each girl. You can get involved by volunteering, donating, or sharing our mission with your friends. 

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July Bonus Day

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July 2023 Newsletter

During the month of June, SAHAR was able to successfully continue its activities to empower and educate women in Afghanistan. Students were able to attend IT, coding, and English classes. Furthermore, they were also able to learn more about women’s empowerment through classes and various sessions. 

Millions of Afghan girls have been denied the right to education and future employment under the strict rules of the Taliban who took over Afghanistan, once again, in August of 2021.

Sadaf was one of those girls, and her entire future was shattered when she heard that she could not finish school or pursue her planned career. She thought the situation was helpless until she discovered an amazing opportunity to join a new program through Sahar Education.

Sadaf joined the first cohort of the Stealth Sisters program which partnered with a local school to provide a 3 part course to girls who were not allowed to enroll in school, due to the new rules. Sadaf learned English, IT computer skills and studied women’s empowerment.

These lessons were of great value to her development and allowed her to see herself and the world in a new light. She learned about her rights, mental health, and supporting fellow women. This program was invaluable to Sadaf.

After graduation, Sadaf’s confidence was higher than ever before and she knew she needed to use her skills to help her community and herself. She started her own home-based school which educates girls within her community. She also began teaching online Quran classes which led to her financial independence.

For women and girls all over Afghanistan, Sadaf’s story is one of immense pride and inspiration. But, the opportunities for other girls, like Sadaf, are few and far between.

With your help, Sahar Education continues to bring innovative courses to Afghan girls across the country. We currently fund and support 3 ongoing programs which help women and girls at different stages of their educational journey.

Threads of Hope helps girls and women achieve literacy while learning to sew. Underground TechSheroes allows young women to learn IT and coding skills they can turn into home-based careers. And, Stealth Sisters helps girls and young women learn English, and computer skills and embrace the power of womanhood for successful futures.

None of this can be successful without the support of our community. Every comment, like, share, and donation is immensely powerful, helping Sahar Education reach new friends and supporters. We are humbled each day by the courage and resilience of the girls in our programs and hope the opportunity to hear more about Sadaf has brought some of that magic to you.

Sahar Education invites you to a virtual info session to learn how we are fighting back against gender apartheid in Afghanistan! 

Join us, on July 10th, 2023 at 6 pm PST on Zoom! This info session is open to donors, board members, and anyone interested in Sahar’s mission! 

Women and girls are being targeted by segregating policies in Afghanistan which will push the country back even further in progress. Only 23% of Afghan women can read and write at a basic level, the Taliban wants that number at 0! Sahar is not giving up until every woman and girl in Afghanistan can read, write and pursue her own dreams.

We know it’s a long road, and we need YOUR help to get there! Please join us on July 10th to learn what programs we are devoted to in 2023 to improve the lives of Afghan women and how your support can help further our efforts. 

Hear from a Sahar program graduate about how the Stealth Sisters curriculum changed her life!

Learn about current and future programs from Program Manager, Shogofa Amini. Find out the long-term vision of Sahar from Executive Director, Meetra Alokozay.

Learn about the impact Sahar is having on hundreds of Afghan girls through programs that teach them to read, write, speak English, use computers, sew, and code! 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Sahar is participating in July Bonus Day on July 12th! This is an exciting opportunity for Sahar to raise funds for ongoing projects with a match for all unique donations between $100 and $1,000! Please share our mission with your friends and family ahead of the July Bonus Day Campaign!

$400,000 available in Matching Funds for participating projects!

30% match on donations from $100 – $499 (while funds remain)

40% match on donations from $500 – $749 (while funds remain)

50% match on donations from $750 – $1,000 (while funds remain)

Donations up to $1,000 per unique donor per organization will be matched!

Are you taking part in a local event you think Sahar should join? Please email us about the event! [email protected]


June was a great month for the girls enrolled in our current programs. We are excited to share their progress with you. 

Stealth Sisters

In June, Sadaf, an alumna of the Stealth Sisters program, was invited as a host speaker. She shared her life-changing experience with the program and how it helped her become a more confident individual. Sadaf’s story not only inspired the current students but also those of us at Sahar. We are sharing more about her story through the next 2 weeks and will have a special event on July 12th.

One of the current students had this to say about the Stealth Sisters program, “Before this course, I felt weak when I was at home. I asked myself why we cannot go to school and study. Since this course started, especially the women’s empowerment program, the feeling of being weak has been removed from me, and my attitude has strengthened. I feel that I am strong. Now I know about my rights. Also, I learned computer programs that are useful for me. Now I can do my homework on the computer.”

In June, the Stealth Sisters learned about Bacha Posh. Students discussed how some girls in some parts of Afghanistan are forced to cover themselves as boys until puberty. The students discussed and wrote about the topic enthusiastically, learning about women’s rights in the meantime. 

At the end of the month, exams and quizzes were taken from the students, and feedback was given. During the past three months, students have been learning about women’s rights and how they can take the lead in improving them in Afghan society. They have responded positively to the programs and have expressed their happiness about having this platform through Sahar.


There are many ways that women’s rights are being infringed upon in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Only this week the Taliban has decided to close all women’s salons, another blow to women following rulings about clothing, education, and employment- to name a few. Sahar Education is proud to fight back against oppression and to support others in their bid for equality. 

One of the most disturbing ways the Taliban has impacted life in Afghanistan is to all but wipe out traditional clothing and expressions of the beauty and joy that Afghan women have in their culture. In 2021, Vogue shared a story about one Afghan refugee standing up against this loss of cultural heritage via Instagram. 

“Afghan women on social media around the world began to speak out against Taliban rule and post images of themselves in their traditional ethnic clothing with the hashtag #donttouchmyclothes” and Lema Afzal embraced the community, sharing stunning photos of her Afghan cultural outfits.

Now, two years later, Afghanistan is a blur of women in long black robes and hijabs. The vibrant and beautiful dresses of each tribe are dying within the country. It is up to those of us with the freedom to express ourselves to keep it alive.

“While Afzal is currently in Belgium, she nevertheless hopes that the posts of her in vibrant, traditional Afghan clothing will educate the world about her country’s rich history.”


Photos: @lemaafzal

Want to get involved in Afghan girls’ education? Join us July 10th for our virtual info session or donate July 12th on Global Giving to increase your impact!

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Sahar Named Afghan Women & Girls Education NPO of the Year

In 2023, we have continued to put women and girls first, expanding programs despite strict bans by the Taliban. Our Stealth Sisters, Underground TechSheroes, and Threads of Change programs are currently helping Afghan girls seek a future of opportunities, not oppression.

We are focused on continuing to partner with local organizations to directly impact the lives of Afghan girls and thank all of our supporters for making our work possible! 

If you’d like to learn more about Sahar’s 2023 programs, please register for our July 10th virtual info session! This 1-hour Zoom session will allow new and old friends to learn more about our mission and how we are defying the Taliban in 2023! 

Sahar Education named NPO of the Year for Afghan Women & Girls Education!

You can change the life of a girl and her community.

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