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November Updates

November is a time for thanks, so thank you for supporting girls’ education!

Last month, your support made a difference in the lives of Afghan girls! Thank you to all who donated, attended, and sponsored the annual benefit, A Night In Afghanistan. The event was a success with a packed crowd, delicious food, and raising more than twice our goal! 

With your generous help, we exceeded our goal of $20,000; raising $45571.77! We appreciate your fundraising efforts and recognize that we could not have reached our goal without the unwavering support of our board, friends, and you. The amount raised is enough to educate 15 girls across 12 months.

The funds raised will go to help expand the Stealth Sisters and Underground TechSheroes program, including adding a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to the team. 

Program Updates

Men As Partners In Change

On Sep 17, 2023, the MPC and English Language course began for 45 school students in grades 9 to 12. Students in this program are learning English language skills alongside topics important to the success of the community and families. In September, the MPC students learned about Fatherhood and Caregiving.

The first month of classes delved into important topics that are central to the program.

  • To highlight the importance of fathers’ role in caregiving,
  • To take part actively as a future father in children caregiving,
  • To identify fathers’ responsibilities not only outside the house but inside as well,
  • Promote gender equality among children,
  • Share parenting responsibilities between mothers and fathers,
  • To enhance family dynamics,
  • Improve children’s development by involving fathers in their life and caregiving.

A few quotes from students of the course help us understand how this program is opening their eyes to the flaws in the current system. 

Mohammad R., one of the 10th-grade students said, “Before, I believed that the core responsibility of a father is supporting his family financially.” He added, “Now, I realize that it is not only restricted to the father of a family but mothers also can work and support their families financially.”

Mohammad H., one of the 12th grade students said, “Since I know myself, I was told that mothers should take care of their children, cook and clean. No one told me that fathers also can take part in cleaning the house, cooking, and taking care of their children.” He added more, “Now I can imagine how it will be more beautiful if both mothers and fathers share their responsibilities in the house.”

Upcoming Events

As the year comes to a close, there are still opportunities to support Afghan girls! 


This campaign through Global Giving continues through January 1st, 2024, and provides 50% matching for donations up to $1000 to the Stealth Sisters or Underground TechSheroes programs! Donate Today!

Zoom Round Table with the Team

Sahar Education is excited to share another opportunity for supporters from across the globe to join a Zoom Round Table and learn more about our programs, challenges, and opportunities to help.  Join us on November 21, 2023, for a 1-hour Zoom session! Register Today!

Giving Tuesday

Donations up to $2500 through Global Giving on November 28th are eligible for incentive funds! All donations will be eligible for additional support with the most released to the largest fundraisers!

End-of-Year Auction

This December bid on donated treasures, event tickets, and delicious restaurant meals in support of Sahar Education! Watch out for the link to bid!

Get to Know Afghanistan

The Afghan people celebrate the victories of their Cricket team as one of the only bits of happiness they can share as a community. The New York Times reported on the unlikely heroes of the Afghan people. 

“The national flag they play under no longer exists officially. The anthem they stand for at the beginning of every game belongs to a republic that was toppled two years ago.

Yet Afghanistan’s athletes have become the unlikely — and widely celebrated — heroes of the Cricket World Cup that is underway in India. In a tournament followed by hundreds of millions of people across the globe, they have defeated the defending world champions and two former titleholders handily. Some of the team’s stars are so popular that entire stadium sections roar their name.” The article reports that the wild popularity of the team was unprecedented. 

Refugees and stranded Afghan students support the team from the stands, flying the flag that represents their home country.

The article shares insights from the players and another reason why they are seen as the hope of Afghanistan in this trying time. Players speak out against the education ban and support earthquake relief for their countrymen. 

“We stand in solidarity with our sisters and daughters of Afghanistan in demanding that the decision on high school ban for girls and university ban for women be reversed,” Mr. Khan said in a statement last year. “Every day of education wasted is a day wasted from the future of the country.”

“When the team defeated Pakistan two weeks ago, the celebrations were particularly long and loud. There was also a political undertone: In recent weeks, tens of thousands of Afghan refugees have been forced out by Pakistan, whose military has long been seen as contributing to the instability in Afghanistan.”

As noted by the article and the players, the team is helping Afghans to have pride in something and to smile and celebrate when all else is bleak at home. The Taliban has outlawed dancing and the black, red, and green flag is no longer the symbol of the country but this is overlooked as supporters dance in the streets after the team wins. A brief respite from the harsh conditions the entire country is under is needed for hope to continue to blossom.

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